Connecting Rural New Zealand


Connecting rural New Zealand.

RuralHQ is a platform built to ‘Connect Rural New Zealand’.

  • Connect you with good, honest, reputable local businesses.
  • Connect you with interesting, relevant, and timely information.
  • Connect you with other rural people that have the same interests, issues, and concerns.

By collectively sharing knowledge and experiences on RuralHQ, rural communities are empowered to get information and make better decisions faster.


We want to empower rural communities!

Word of mouth has served you well, but now there’s a better way. 

In our ever increasingly digital age, we saw that rural communities have a need which is currently under served by existing technologies. Word-of-mouth sharing of knowledge, experiences, and information is quickly moving online. We’ve built RuralHQ to enable this sharing in a new and more efficient way so that rural people can find what they need and make better decisions faster.

The main problem we’ve sought to solve with RuralHQ is rural communities’ lack of a solid platform for sharing their knowledge and experiences online to benefit the wider rural community.

We have launched RuralHQ with the minimum set of features to start providing value to our community as soon as possible, but plan to extend the features of the platform as we figure out what the community need and want.

We’d love for you to help us guide this process, so that RuralHQ can become exactly what you need and want.


Get the information you need, faster.

Find it fast

RuralHQ is one of the most comprehensive rural directories in the country.

Find it easily

We've design RuralHQ to be simple and easy to use for anybody.

Find it anywhere

Mobile users are nearly 80% of all web traffic...and we know it.

Built for rural

RuralHQ has been designed specifically for rural communities.

Free to use

RuralHQ is totally free for community members to use.


Constant improvement & innovation is what sets the RuralHQ platform apart.


Explore, Discover, Review, Share, Contribute.

We’re empowering rural communities to share their knowledge and experiences to benefit the wider community.

For many years, word-of-mouth has been the main method by which information was propagated throughout a community. However, word-of-mouth networks can only carry information so far. In our increasingly digital world with easier internet access than ever before, the flow of information has been opened wide up.

RuralHQ allows you to share what you know, and learn from others, more easily than ever before. Information and experiences can now be shared way beyond traditional networks for the benefit of the wider rural community.

How you can use RuralHQ


Discover local businesses & events that other people love and take the hassle out of finding what you need


Leave a review for local businesses you love so that others might find a good, honest, reputable supplier


Found an awesome on RuralHQ? Share it with your own network and help spread the word


RuralHQ is all about sharing what you know. If you've got something you want to share, we'd love to hear about it.


See what RuralHQ can do for you.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few options to get you started.

Review to WIN $250

Review a business on RuralHQ and you're in the draw to WIN a $250 prize automatically. Enter as many times as you like. T&C apply.

Share to WIN $250

Give us a couple of details to enter the draw to WIN a $250 prize, and you'll earn more chances to win by sharing it with your friends. T&C apply.

Give us your thoughts

Enter to win a $100 prize by taking a short survey. We need your help to guide us in making RuralHQ the best resource possible for rural communities. T&C apply.

Limited Time Only

Add your own listing to RuralHQ

Add your own listing now, and lock in our special launch pricing for up to 12 months.

*Launch pricing lock-in offer applies to business profile subscriptions for 12 months after which time they will revert to normal pricing applicable at the time. All other listings are month by month and will revert to normal pricing on the first renewal after the launch offer expires.

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