About RuralHQ

What is RuralHQ?

RuralHQ is a digital platform built to ‘Connect Rural New Zealand’

  • Connect you with good, honest, reputable local businesses.
  • Connect you with interesting, relevant, and timely information.
  • Connect you with other rural people that have the same interests, issues, and concerns.

RuralHQ is brand new and constantly evolving to better serve you. We need you to help us guide this process so that RuralHQ can be exactly what you need.

What's the goal?

The idea for RuralHQ was born out of a conversation about the needs of rural communities and how in a digital age, word-of-mouth sharing of knowledge and information was moving online.

We saw that we had the knowledge, skills, and experience to fill a gap, and help rural communities across the country.

The main problem we’ve sought to solve with RuralHQ is that rural communities lacked a solid platform for sharing their knowledge and experiences online to benefit the wider community. A particular aspect of this that we knew we could solve was helping rural people find out about the awesome local businesses near them.

During development of the original idea, RuralHQ has grown and morphed into a concept for an online community platform which could potentially become the ‘home page’ for rural communities in the future.

We have launched RuralHQ with the minimum set of features to start providing value to our community as soon as possible, but plan to extend the features of the platform as we figure out what the community need and want.

The RuralHQ Team

David Baird


Although Dave spent a few years living on a working farm as a kid, he’s about as far from being a farmer as is possible; David is a self-employed web developer & marketer.

He started his freelancing business in 2011 after completing a degree at the University of Canterbury with a focus on software development and innovative technology. Dave loves tech and building things.

Dave is very happily married with two awesome preschool aged kids.

His favourite quote is “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Daniel Bateman


Dan has been working on dairy farms more or less since leaving high school.

Dan is currently working on an organic farm near Raglan, where he has been for a number of years now.

Dan’s knowledge of the dairy industry and experience living in rural communities has highly influenced the direction of RuralHQ.

Dan is also very happily married with two awesome kids. He loves spending his spare time enjoying the harbour and easy access to the ocean.

Jack Holloway


Jack has a range of hands-on experience in the primary industries. 

He graduated from Lincoln University with a Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Honours), and is now studying a Bachelor of Laws with the intention of serving New Zealand’s agricultural sector in a legal capacity. 

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