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Improving the value of strong wool

The value of strong wool can be increased by breeding programmes that aim to improve selected traits. This article provides some information on 6 of the most important traits which can be improved.

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How AI is Transforming Agriculture

Undeniably, Agriculture and farming is one of New Zealand’s most important professions. I take a brief look at how AI is set to transform this industry across the planet.

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Alternatives to Radiata pine in New Zealand Forestry

I sat down with Pete Gatehouse from the Central Canterbury Farm Forestry Group to talk about some of the less common tree species that have potential in New Zealand.

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Feeding dairy cows during the transition period

Is more milk produced by improving feeding either before, or after, calving? I investigate research to see if I can figure it out.

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How many stock units are ewe really running?

It would be fair to assume that a stock unit is a thoroughly defined, easily applicable measurement. However, when it comes to sheep, there are notable discrepancies in its use.

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